Thursday, March 19, 2009

New Dora The Explorer Doll

Growing Dora up a little too fast? This ones grandson has not seen her yet, but am thinking when he does, he's not going to accept the new grown up Dora as being the same. He might even throw a fit. The link above shows the new Dora. They didn't really go over the top, but the popular cartoon girl did go from little to much bigger. She looks more like a pre pre teen now, maybe even 8 or 9 but not 3-5'ish. Dora still looks innocent enough, no make up, leggin's under her dress. At least she's not sporting a new tattoo like Barbie.

Am thinking a lot of little kids are going to be crying the first week they see her, but when this one just called her grandson in for comparison of pictures, he looked at the first, jumped up and down and said "my girlfriend, my Dora" and he's just turned 3 last month. When cali pointed to the new Dora, he looked at her surprisingly, thought about it for a couple of seconds, jumped up and said um? My Dora?

We all smiled and laughed and told him yes he was right.

Am thinking maybe it will all turn out okay after all.

Until next time..

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