Monday, March 16, 2009

A Compilation of Thoughts

Our army girl turned 20 yesterday. We keep getting tons of information regarding her future, but none of it seems to be quite accurate and always changing. I suppose the army doesn't know from day to day what they are going to do with her. Iraq, Germany, Iraq, send her home. Ugh. It's confusing.

The latest is that she may be released with an honorable discharge because she can't pass the 2 mile run. The reason being the injury she had back in boot camp. A hip fracture. She says she has little pain when she walks but when she tries to run her hip clicks. I think I can understand what she means since there have been times when mine has done similar, almost like shifting in and out or a popping. I feel bad for her if this is the case. They have her on Lortabs, Ibuprofen and other meds.

She pushed so hard in boot and passed her run at the last minute. At one point we didn't think she'd make it through that. But she did! From what I'm being told is that if she's honorably discharged she won't qualify no longer for her sign on bonus. Which was large.

Her quality of life matters more to me, but the kid is not happy that she endured pain from an injury and would be leaving with nothing.

She'll always have a home and room to come home to. We made sure when we bought this house there was enough room for all our children forever.

Love you, second baby duck

10 more days til my surgery. Tomorrow is my pre op appointment. I'm going to ask for some Vicodin and see if they'll write me a script for the day before I go in. Last time I did it with no additional meds, but was on Vicodin back then as my major pain relief source, not Morphine. Morphine doesn't help for immediate pain relief. Not these ones anyhow. It's MS Contin, 12 hour time release. I remember before the first 5 days was terrible. And the second day ugh, after all the anesthesia wore off and the sting and burn came from the cut and staples. Just UGH. I just can't explain how much that hurt. With 5-6 inch gash in ones butt and back. I just hope to not feel it that way again.


Just had a slim fast, haven't had anything else today. Will eat something pretty soon. I've received comments on the Medicinal Cannabis study and have permission from these people to publish their essays and comments on my site, so will get that done this week. I had to double verify permissions. I always do this to make sure and keep it in writing. I also protect the identity of any who want anonymity.

My Master goes Clampin' next month and we have 60 etched vessels ready to be distributed. All are sold at this point, even the custom made ones, of course any can back out as we haven't been pre paid. We have them made for both the men and their woman.
Woman are not allowed at these events. Ever! The men do buy their women novelties to take home, though.

The next wave of etchings will be for Mothers and Fathers Day.

Until next time...


Snowbrush said...

I wonder if your daughter might not to do well to fight her discharge. For the Army to take her in, then hurt her, then kick her out with no benefits (not even her bonus) sounds like a rip to me. The bastards.

Percocet is stronger than Vicodin, BTW, in case it matters to you, and the side-effects are about the same.

I am very, very sorry that you are in chronic pain. I've been there (and still am to a significant extent), the difference being that yours appears permanent, whereas I have never completely lost hope of getting past mine.

His kajirah said...

I agree about the Army completely. Mine is permanent, but I do hang onto hope. Or at least optimism.

They gave me Norco's to fill the day before on the 25th.

You'll be in my thoughts during your surgery too. Only a day apart, yes?

Best wishes,