Saturday, March 21, 2009

Medicinal Cannabis Update- Stories Needed

While this ones day started with a crazy 8 pain level, she managed to get some things done. A page of responses, stories and comments will be added to the website above soon. This may be after the surgery, but the first group of submissions are ready to go. Since she's still getting permissions from others there will be more to start with in the next few days.

Still looking for anyone who uses or has tried cannabis, weed, pot, etc for Chronic Pain. More specifically those with CRPS type 2. Type 1 is also need for use in comparison. This is being expanded to include any Chronic Pain and Fibromyalgia.

She can do this several ways. 1. List you as anonymous and give your state. Example Anonymous, California. 2. She can use your first name and state. Example lala, California. 3. She can use a pseudonym and your state. Example lala, California.

Will list your name exactly as you wish or anonymous as you wish.

Your anonymity is important and will be respected.

Thank you.

Submissions can be sent to:

Subject line: RE: Medicinal Cannabis


Snowbrush said...

By "crazy eight" do you mean eight out of ten on the pain scale?

Good luck with that cannabis information search. Maybe you could experiment on yourself? If it doesn't help, you wouldn't be out much as I cannot imagine it hurting you.

His kajirah said...

Yes exactly! Crazy 8 on the pain scale.

Have actually already experimented on myself around the time of the Clinical Trial. The article that was listed with the website is mine. Have put my heart, compassion and passion into it.


Anonymous said...

My husband "self medicates" with herb. He has Multiple Sclerosis and currently takes 1,200 mg of Gabipentin per day. This takes the edge off the ghost nerve pain but his "breathing therapy" really makes him feel human again.

His kajirah said...

Thank you for replying. Am also on Gabapentin 2,400mgs a day and several other meds including morphine. This is a reason I'm so interested in learning of others who use the herb for pain.

To double check, may I use your reply on my website?