Saturday, March 28, 2009

Yesterday Was Better (Bandages changed- Pics Included.

Yesterday was better than today. Am thinking the there was still some local left over from the day before and that is why. She hurts like hell today. Laying down hurts even worse. Been sitting up for the most part, with her legs crossed in indian style, trying to keep her spine straight as she has to be very careful not to screw up this new lead.

The man took his son and sons friend to the movies today. In fact they are still not home. This one is fairing decently on her own. Really wanted them to go and so let them know over and over it was really okay to leave her. Can get to the rest room fairly well without help, just have to take baby steps and use the walls for support. The walker is nearby too if needed, but am okay without it.

Have no appetite at all.

Blood is coming through her bandages but not saturated, should be fine until he's home to change them for her.

The center called in Cephalexin to the pharmacy before she went into the OR. Even heard the nurse make the call. Well the pharmacy isn't filling it. They sent her Master home with 4 for her, she took them the first day home. She's suppose to be taking them every 4 hours. And the doctor was serious about her not missing a single dose. She hasn't any since.
WC pays for all this, supposedly the pharmacy said they didn't get the authorization to fill it. She's kind of not believing that, would believe more that after giving her a few to take home without an authorization, someone didn't fax them on time. Jeez could already be infecting.

While she's writing this the man just called and said he's going back to the pharmacy, they're open today and if it's still not been filled, he's going to find out how much it is cash pay.

Lysol isn't going to stop infection from within her body. Just hoping the antibiotic IV bag they gave her is still helping until she gets the others.

The Norco's barely decrease the pain from the incisions, stinging and bruising. Morphine and Norco together just makes her so high, she's distracted. Better than nothing. Last night she took a 15mg of Morphine, 1 Norco, 2, 0.5mg of Klonopin, 2 Tizanadine...and her ass was knocked out fast. Just didn't stay that way more than a half hour. But was way loopy loopy lah lah even so.

All this aside, her mood is good, her attitude is positive and she can't wait for any possibility of better things to come. If even for a little while.

Really really really am hopeful

Until next time...

Edited to add after posting- The man cashed paid for her antibiotics and will be home shortly.


Dante d'Amore said...

I am not surprised that the pain is worse today. Whether it is surgery, an injury or terribly overdoing a workout, the second day is nearly always worse.

The pain always seems to build from about 16-20 hours after until around the 48 hour mark where it peaks before leveling off and either slowly or quickly beginning to fade.

I hope you'll soon begin feeling better.

(And I will take care of my wife soon, lol.)

His kajirah said...

That's true. Agree with you that even the second day of working out is worse that the first.

Hm the 48th hour mark is um about now. lol So hopefully it will start easing on down.

And thank you for keeping in touch.

(Whoohooo wife gets taken care of soon. ~grins) SpAnK!!!

Snowbrush said...

Wow! All that, and you were only out for a half hour!.. I'm doing okay on Percocet and Demerol. I alternated to see which I liked better (I haven't been into the Norco yet), and decided the Demerol was stronger than I really need. The upper arm hurts, but not overly much. My biggest problem is not knowing what to do with myself. Four people have been by to visit, and I didn't want them to leave. I'm at loose ends, as perhaps, are you.

His kajirah said...

The surgery took about 2+ hours. Recovery was an hour. Prep time was 1.5 hours.. They localized my incision sites, plus put me completely asleep, woke one back up, and back to sleep again.

But was home the same evening.

Wish this one had the Percocet or Demerol, the Norco's aren't quite getting the pain back there. They only fllled the script for 30 to take 1 every 4-6 hours. They will be gone within 3 more days. A Morphine and Norco works better at the same time.

Just have the family here at home. The man and our son, but our oldest daughter, the father of her child and our grandbaby live in a 2 room area with it's own private entrance. A living room and bedroom. They share house amentities. Am staying in a room in the back of the house now. Not our bedroom, another. It's more spacious so it's it's allowing more independence actually.

We rarely have guests, family is in Georgia other than the kids' cousins. In-laws passed away many years ago.

In between rest will be online, am sure. Aside from being able to move about very easy, will be bedridden 2 months.

Was sure your upper arm would be hurting and said a prayer that it wouldn't become unbearable. Am so glad it's not overly painful for you. And will hope it doesn't begin either.

(Am a little envious of your meds. lol)

We can always keep each other company as both are able.

Best wishes,