Monday, March 30, 2009

When Sleep Finally Came...

Sleep did finally come for this one. She slept all day yesterday and into today until around noon-time. It really did her good. She did wake a few times. Laying in one position to avoid pain from movement didn't do her so well. She's not suppose to be pushing with her hands or arms but had to in order to help lift her body in the turns or adjustments. She was just careful to not push hard. She didn't hurt herself while doing so and didn't feel any added pressure to her spine.

The man changed her bandages a couple of hours ago. No pics this time. lol. He said it looks really good back there. When she had her first SCS surgery there was terrible bruising. This time there isn't, not as of yet anyhow. There are no visual signs of infection. Seem everything is just going great at this point.

A new friend told this one about something called Natural Calm. You can get it at most health food stores. It's completely natural so won't interfere with medication. It helps relax a body, and can help alleviate pain and help with sleep.

This one has already asked her owner if he would consider getting her some. He said yes. Hopefully will have it in the next couple of days. One thinks because it's natural it would be good for him to take also.

Am thinking this will be even great after the healing of the surgery. It may help even in decreasing the chronic pain. It's a possibility at least. Of course she doesn't know yet as she hasn't tried it, but is looking forward to letting others know if it does. If it may not help in one area the chances are it may in another, so would still be worth it.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained.
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Snowbrush said...

I am glad you are doing better than last time. If you aren't bruised-looking yet, I would be astounded if you become bruised-looking.

"It's completely natural so won't interfere with medication."

PLEASE find out what is in it, and tell your doctor or pharmacist. Natural doesn't mean safe. Lots of natural things can either kill you outright or interact with other things you are taking and then kill you.

His kajirah said...

Hi Snow

Will definitely discuss it with Pain Management. And if we purchase it prior to appointment, will take it in to them.

Will also be checking to see if this one can start the Restorational program. It's physical therapy, bio feedback and more.

Am always so desperate that something new might make a difference. So was grateful when the girl told of the Natural Calm.

Have you been able to get any decent sleep yet?

Snowbrush said...

P.S. "Never, never, never give up," is a quote by W Churchill as I recall.

His kajirah said...

This one really loves quotes. Has a note pad on her computer full of them.

Waste no tears over the griefs of yesterday. Euripides

Louve said...

Natural Calm is just magnesium and calcium (calcium, among its other benefits helps with stress). There are supplements out there, like melatonin that can aid in sleep, but some pharmaceutical drugs encourage the brain to produce melatonin, so I'm not sure what you take and if it would hurt or help you.

Natural Calm comes in powder form that you mix with hot water. Watch out when you're making it though, because it 'poofs', almost like an alka-seltzer lol. Where I get it it comes in two flavors...lemon and lemon with raspberry. Lemon, to me, tastes better. :)

His kajirah said...

Morning Louve

Calcium would be very good for this one and Magnesium should be fine.

Am currently taking on a daily basis:

Morphine 45mgs a day
(15, 3x)

Neurontin/Gabapentin 2,400mgs a day
(600, 4x)

Cymbalta 120mgs a day

Zanaflex/Tizanadine 24mgs a day
(2, 3x)

Klonopin/Clonazapan 2 mgs a day
(2, 0.5, 2x)

Lidocaine/Lidoderme patches
(As needed up to 4, 20hrs on 4 off)

In addition for Post Op Surgery:

Norco/Hydrocodone 10-325 1 every 4-6 hours as needed for pain

Keflex/Cephalexin 1, 4x a day for 7 days.

Would think with all this, one would be sleeping better.

If you know of any possible interactions, please let me know. Will be letting doc know, always tell him everything, but if you know of personal experiences it would be great to know, too.

Thank you again

Louve said...


You're taking alot of meds that could affect melatonin, seratonin, and all kinds of brain chemicals like that. The Natural Calm is the safest for you, and other than *figuring* some of those drugs would knock you on your arse! ;), I don't know much else. Try the Natural Calm, and see. Unfortunately, alot of Dr's don't give much credence to supplementation, so I don't know if asking them is an option, but always worth a try! :)

Take care, twinkle

His kajirah said...

Luckily this ones Pain Manager never swayed her from holistic or herbal supplements. Have taken Flax seed Oil (still have it), Something called RenewIN, a bone supplement. A Calcium supplement called Coral? Glucosomine, Chrondrotin, MSN, Gosh just so many cannot even remember. But several over the years. Have taken that Juice supplement. $40 bucks a bottle, was suppose to detoxify body, cleanse, promote weight loss, give energy and more. Something else a friend recommended that she purchased online. Was like a stabilizer with major vitamins in it for healthy mind and body.

See? Desperate.

Because this illness still has no cure to date. Am willing try anything. It's sad but in many ways this one has nothing to lose, only the possibility to gain. At least it's how she looks at it. ~smiles

Wishing you most well

Castigador said...

Without dude,you are the best.Congratulation for your very good work in the blogg.

His kajirah said...

Thank you.

Am glad you like it and what it contains.


Louve said...

That is good to know, about your pain managers. I try to look at medicine from a traditional, natural, and scientific view, as I think I told you. I would imagine those killer knock out drugs dont knock you out because of your pain, and the anti anxiety drugs and anti depressant drugs, also a result of the pain. (not meaning to repeat myself but horrific pain is all-consuming. You cannot help, despite all your efforts, not to think of it every moment you have it.
I sincerely hope this surgery works for you and relieves you of the pain you are suffering from now, twinkle.