Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Happy 21st, 20th and 12

Today's our oldest daughter Khari's 21st birthday, Sunday is her sister Ery's, 20th. And then at the end of the month is our sons 12th. All March babies. Ironically I conceived them all on the same day different years. It's like Christmas time in March for us.

I am very proud of each of them.

Khari is going out clubbing tonight. I can't stress enough how safe she needs to be. I suppose it's one of those fears that a parent gets knowing their child is legal and responsible for themselves now. We've always been somewhat protective, but not as protective as my parents were with me at all. We let our girls experience life. Once or twice they took advantage and had to be tugged back in, but they all have a good head on their shoulders.

I really hope the has a great time. Will be over nighting Ery's package in the morning.
And our son got his birthday gift early by getting to see WWE wresting live.
He'll still get a cake and balloons. We always get them balloons no matter what.

Until next time...


Cleo said...

Please be safe and I pray your healing is swift. Cleo

His kajirah said...

Thank you so very much.

Wishing you well and enough,