Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Finding Someone Special From the Past

The other night I was thinking about life, present and past. I searched and searched for a girl I grew up with in high school while we lived in La Verne CA, L.A. County when I was in high school. Since I'm on My Space often, I used their search feature, I've done this in the past but could not locate anyone. Since My Space is so popular and more and more join each day, I decided to try again. I found the brother, a year younger than me in high school, from his friends page, I found the older sister, I messaged them both. I didn't find my then best friend at that time. I gave the older sister my business email address. And she messaged me back to say she gave Susie mine. Within in hours I had an email.

I found her.

We use to all have so much fun together. We lived across the street from one another. All of us, except the oldest sister went to Bonita High School.

The brother was a Freshman, I was a Sophmore and Susie was a Junior.

Those were truly the best days of my life. I loved high school. I was in the speech and drama clubs, chamber singers, concert choir and for a while I was in the Flags club for the foot ball team. Often went to the basket ball games, as well. I was in a few plays, or did behind the scenes Makeup. Lead makeup, several times.

We met when I was 13-14, she was 16. Her older sister drove, so we went to the movies and such all the time.

I am really happy to have found her.

2 years ago I found another from the same school. Who even moved closer this way to Redding CA. She spent a day of Christmas holidays with us.

Now my searches are nearly complete

Until next time...

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