Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Bi-Weekly Update

Slept nearly all day today, woke up about 7p.m this evening. I got a few weeks relief from my blocks, but the last 4 days has returned completely. While I had problems with my back during the weeks past, it hadn't come back in my foot yet. It's back and burning like hell.

For the most part and since I'm lacking finding things online to do other than my daily ritual of reading and replying to emails, checking up to see if there's any new clinical trials etc, checking into my pain group, I've been watching movies on my computer.

I thought I'd get my surgery date sooner, but it doesn't really surprise me that I haven't. It has to go before a review board before authorization.

Our daughter goes to Germany in May as of now and then deploys to Iraq in November. She was suppose to be home one more time in April, but because she's having trouble passing her 2 mile run due the hip fracture, she may have to stay behind to practice and/or complete it. If she does have to stay behind, her husband will be coming to join us for 2 weeks. It's cheaper to fly here to the in laws than it is to fly home to his home town in Puerto Rico. We're happy to have him. Met him over Christmas time. We like him, but it may seem kind of awkward without our daughter home, too.

They have their own room here. (I'm in it now lol), but will be moving to our sons room soon enough. If I don't get my surgery date before he comes will just straighten this one back up and move to the other sooner.

It's really hard having pain return, you get that break of ease, of relief and then when it comes back it seems it's ten fold when it's probably really not. It's just that you think it is because of that break in pain. If find myself, or should I say my family finds me having fallen asleep sitting up with my face in the palms of my hands, or laying on my side with my left hand propping my cheeck up. I just doze off.

Well I'm about to pop a dvd into my laptop and try to get some relaxation going on.

I wish you all most well,

Until next time...

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