Sunday, March 08, 2009

Fighting Slave Girl

As most know I'm pretty laid back, I have an easy temper, it takes alot get me upset to the point of wanting to fight or even feeling a need to. I'm too easy going, too submissive, and mostly I just don't care enough to let someone else get the better of me.

I was remembering a couple of years back. It was prior to us buying our home last April. Before that we stayed with our daughter for 6 months while waiting for escrow to close. It was then I learned short sale really means takes long long time. ~laughs

We were still in the Apartments where we lived for about 7 years. Our son was outside playing, when he came running in saying some lady tried to run him and his friend over in a car. I went on immediately to ask all the questions, he was standing in the doorway, while I was questioning when he said the woman was coming. I pull myself up from the recliner and stepped to the doorway. All these little kids coming to tell me the same story. At first I told my son to get into the apartment. All the kids were yelling that the woman was crazy. ~perk. Crazy? I had to take a closer look, oh man she was like godzilla, I could almost hear her feet go boom boom boom as she nearly reached us. I casually stood next to the tree not far outside our door by this time. I can't say my heart wasn't pounding some, maybe that's the sound I heard. lol

At first she went on to tell me how mouthy my son was to her. This I do not tolerate in my son to adults. I had already had some information from all the kids, so I went on to use it.

I asked her "why" my son would be so indecent to her, she slurred and stuttered. So then I went on to mention that I heard she was out partying with underage teens and providing the alcohol. I asked isn't this against the law? Well come to find out this is what my son had initially said to her before she tried to use the auto, a deadly weapon to get back at him. We always raised our children, informed.

Now granted, he really had no business telling this woman this, but he was right. Most people would blow it off as a nosey kid or just go on about their business. And I would go on to tell my son just to mind his own business, but that's not the way it went.

I tried to mediate it. She became more and more irate. At the time I didn't know she had a knife in her purse, but when she came at me with a fierceness, I busted her in her face.

So then I say to my son. Get your ass in the house. So she flips it on me. I'm a bad mother because I said ass. lol. She had already called him every filthy name in the nasty book, but now judging me. I'm actually doing this for her in a way at that time. Sort of.

As she turns, seemingly to go away, still muttering obsenities, I yelled fuck off slut. Eeeps. That did it, she came back at me like a pit bull. My back was turned and I heard her coming, I swung around and busted her in her face again, then grabbed her hair and threw her into the siding. By now all the teens she was partying with came to attempt to remove her.

I took my son and went into our home.

The next day I found out she used that same knife on the Apartment Manager who was taken to the hospital with several gashes, reasons unknown, and was in lock up. I never seen her again. I felt a little bad after until I found out she stabbed someone.

Surprisingly, I wasn't hurt in any of it.

When an easy going nature gets pushed to the brink... defensive mechanisms come on.

This was the second time in my lifetime that I was in a physical fight. The first being in Junior high with my best friend. I hit her once in defense, but wouldn't hit her again. I refused. And ended up walking away. You could say she won that one. I'm not ashamed to admit that. I'm not going to hurt those I care for.

But this woman?

She really didn't think she'd get away with threatening bodily harm on my baby duck, did she?

She might have, but...

She was obviously wrong.

(Just some thoughts from the past and thinking... you never never know until you get there)

P.S. I should make mention that my Master was not home when this occurred. He was out of town at a Clamper Doin's. Had he been I would have never been allowed to make it out the front door to begin with)


phoenix said...

I see nothing wrong with what you did, you were doing what any good mother would do: protecting your son.

As far as "winning" the fight with your best friend goes? Walking away instead of fighting more is a win in my book, you took the high road.

well wishes,


His kajirah said...

Thank you, p

I wish you well back


slave in chains said...

I agree with phoenix on both counts. As far as I'm concerned a paren'ts first priority is to protect their children from harm. It was the woman who turned it into more than it should have been.

His kajirah said...

I would do anything for my children and anything to protect them. Had the man been home he would have handled it. And the woman probably wouldn't have even became so nasty with him, perhaps she would have but am thinking not the same.

Thank you and well wishes

Snowbrush said...

Whoa, quite a story!