Thursday, March 19, 2009

3rd Person Speech

For the time being this one will be returning to the use of third person speech. Not as a reminder that she is property, not to keep in the mindset of being owned or being a slave girl, but to keep her in the mindset of being free.

This may be difficult for some to understand in it's entirety, She will explain further if asked, otherwise she will be leaving well enough alone.

Until further notice, which may be a short amount of time, or perhaps even longer, she will address all topics in this form.

She does not think that there will be too much confusion in her posts. This one speaks very well in both first and third. Fourth? Just kidding. ~smiles

Aside from typos her writing should be understood. If anyone needs clarity, just ask.

As in first person sometimes she mixes up words or letters (thanks to 2,400mgs or more of Neurontin/Gabapentin a day for the last 5 years) up.

Please bear with her.

On another site besides CM she is still called her birth given, originally the account was calienteC until a FW said it would be wrong and going elsewhere with that name was hiding. While this FW knew her as cali...

Lets just say it put her in a tough spot and she emailed the site to change her name to twinkleEKV.

cali does not hide.

As Master Driver^ said to her (He's well respected by her) on her wall "
Whatever name a slave is called by is just s label, the girl being referred to is all that matters."

How could she not agree? Her own Master has said similar offline, this man said it online. She's grateful he knows better.

People use pseudonyms all the time, she can't seem to get out of her birth given. It's her own fault for revealing it. The hardest part is being a known name in the health industry, not all of it, but the part of it that deals with....... you know.

And now when names are googled etc all of it comes up.

She segregated from herself in a very large sense of the way or should she say... others forced her to segregate herself from her self for they weren't pleased at a girl being real, yet on the other hand, she's one with herself starting today.

Have been all over for years.... 12 and in good ways.

It's just that you didn't know. Or should she say.. some didn't? It's okay, some probably weren't told for a reason.

In either case, I am me, she is me, me is her and...

Well most of you know the rest...

Wishing you all most well,
drum roll....



castigador40 said...

Helow, i´M castigador40. I´m a new follower of your blog.It´s very interestin for me.Thank you.

His kajirah said...

She thanks you for being here.