Thursday, March 12, 2009

Losing Weight

In the last few weeks I've been eating differently. Mostly veggies and fruit. Using slim fast shakes as a backup. I've lost nearly 10 pounds so far and without excersise since that's the worse part for me anyhow.

So far my mindset is strong on the way I'm eating. I do eat alot of broccoli and mushrooms. I'll have it cold for lunch with a bit of diet ranch, just enough for some dipping flavor and then again for dinner, hot, with a slice of colby jack cheese over it. And then have a couple cubes of cantelope during the day, usually still with an orange.

My pain was bad today and I didn't wake up until after 5:00p.m. I missed a call from my pain manager's office, so at about 5:05p.m I called and left them voice message for in the morning. I'm thinking there is some delay on my authorization for my surgery. I hope it's soon though because the internal battery is hurting me more and more daily. When I first got my SCS and after healing from it. That didn't hurt at all except for when sitting on that but cheek more than 10 minutes. Had I not stayed a sleep so long, I would have probably been online doing one thing or other.

I'm going to get some honey dew mellon this week. Add that as a snack. My family is helping, mostly by way of my owner, by not offering me food they know I don't want. I don't even want to look at it. I don't want the temptation, but have been able to say no several times when the kids have ask me if I want a bite of something. My owner was tough on them for doing that. He would buy me a candy bar if I begged it, but he knows I do not want it, so is helping alot by not teasing me and such. I need that.

I'm back in contact with another old friend from years ago online. I'm happy about this and so is he. We met way before I got hurt. So he remembers all the original crap I went through when I did. I also posted the link to his offline group in my blog roll.

He doesn't live but 4 hours from here, so a chance of meeting is good at some point. He's a healer too (no not voodoo, k maybe so, but good voodoo) lol

He's called on me to do something somewhere and it's pretty likely I will.

I'm also back in touch with another man friend from the same period of time. Again we're both happy about it, too.

Am going to have a cup of coffee now and ponder some things...

Until next time...


Sub Sweet said...

YAY on connecting with an old friend. I've done some of that recently thanks to Facebook.

Bigger yay on the weight loss!!! Good for you!!! Keep up the great work.

One the pain front. I hope you get the clearance for surgery. No-one should have to live in pain.

His kajirah said...

Hi sweet one

Thank you so much. Being in touch with the past is sometimes a great thing. Then too letting go of some past is a good thing too. lol

And the weight loss, this one really hopes it keeps falling off. The lack of physical workout is the hardest part. Blowing cock only keeps my jaws strong. hehehe

Best wishes to you and your Master