Saturday, February 21, 2009

Congratulations to Our daughter and new son-in-law

Yesterday, February 20th, Our daughter was Wed.

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Jose T.

Sorry we couldn't be with you, can't wait for the formal

in Puerto Rico.

Take care of your man- Erykah,
Take care of our girl- Son



(Proud of you both for serving our Country in the U.S. Army)


Tiggs said...

Congrats indeed!!!!! So where did they get married, if you can say? That's a day to remember, but even more precious with both of them serving...

Big hugs of joy... ignore the coughing, lol!

His kajirah said...

Sure I can say, they're both stationed at Fort Gordon GA right now and got married at the Justice of the Peace at the Court House? I believe. I got a phone call that said "guess what?" and that's how we found out. She came home for xmas for 2 weeks and brought him with her. He asked her dad for her and in marriage and then proposed on his knees.

I tried to tell him it wasn't necessary, instead just to slap some steel around her neck, but she smirked lol

Not quite sure when, but they'll be having a formal wedding in Puerto Rico, was suppose to be in the summer but I don't think can be managed.

However because they're married now, there's a very good chance they'll both be stationed in Germany together in the next couple of months.

I'm still absorbing the surprise. lol