Tuesday, February 17, 2009

From the Blog of MontrealPhoenix08@blogspot.com

"Twink. Oh twink, you really had me fooled, I've got to give it to you, you're good at acting the good friend. Especially when it came to Master Raven, you really had me going. I've finally caught on, again it took a while but I've got it now. It would have been nice had you told me we're not friends any more, but well c'est la vie *shrugs*. Yeah I know, horrible pain, yada, yada, yada we know, you've written incessantly about it on your blog....and CM blog...and just in case we missed it the CM Gorean Board. And yet, brave little soldier you are you manage to post on CM and your blog, how DO you manage?

Mistress Maahsatti, what can I say, you and twink make quite the tag team. Really what with all the time you two spend gazing in total love into each other's eyes you really should take the final step and get together; Gor's first lesbian couple. Oh and btw Mistress? You really DID beg Master Rap's collar, just not directly, probably fearing his rejection...which he did."


How absolutely hateful can this be?


My comment back-


His kajirah said...

Uh, karen..

I have no idea where you're coming from this time but like others, one rarely see's it coming. But you've done this before. I have no idea if we're friends or not. I didn't tell you we weren't because I didn't see where that needed to be said. (See above, I never said we weren't friends) I have hardly spoken to Mistress Maahsatti. Very few and far between in the last few weeks. You seem to know everything, how come you didn't know that?

You talk about my blogs like their full of some kind of hate, resentment and malicious content, when sorry, they aren't.

I'm dealing with too much shit, pain and surgeries and other offline crap, (but you probably know that reading my blog) to give a flying fuck which kinda mood you're into today to try and start up more drama.

Stop making me out to be the bad girl in things that I'm not even apart of.

You've got a screw loose slut..go fix it.


This original blog entry @ MontrealPhoenix08@blogspot.com has since been removed.


phoenix said...

Uhhh twink really how old are you? This is gradeschool stuff, besides I took it down *rolls eyes*

His kajirah said...

You always do this, so you're the one playing the grade school stuff. What in the world have I done to you this time to provoke you into writing that? It's okay roll your eyes. You started it and you instigated it.

You've done this to me several times. Just because you took it down doesn't mean it wasn't there.

I don't know how to understand you karen with your wishy washy ways. God knows I've tried.

New Wave Syd said...


His kajirah said...

Yeah syd

How was I suppose to let this go, I tried, I wanted to, I should have, and I'll have some unhappy with me, but there comes a time when one has to defend themselves too. I accept my consequences.

This has become constant with her.

phoenix said...

Yes twink, my comments about your pain levels were out of line, way beyond disgusting - which is why I took the posting down. I was and am ashamed of having posted it and I regret ever having posted that stuff...and yes it was meant to hurt. I just don't want to be that person anymore so it's the last such posting I will make.

His kajirah said...

I'm proud of you to want to change. I really am. You've said this before and I hope this time, you really can let go and be happy where you are. Sometimes things take time, I do realize this.

While our friendship is over and most likely permanent, I wish you no harm, and only good.

If you could take a moment to realize that, and I think you already know, it's not my way to take posts of others and bring them to my space. At the very most I will discuss something in imagery where no names are mentioned and generally no character types either. Just remaining in general. That is to get my feelings out while never sharing who they are.

I had to show you that because others have seen what you've wrote about me several times in your blogs even though you take them down and that I would show others back what you've done to me, atleast once.

At this time, I won't be taking it down, but I am glad comments have ceased.

I really want to see that you are changing and moving on, being happy, letting past hurt go.

To this day, I really don't understand how I belonged in it all and so much time had passed and we weren't quarreling, so the sudden slam did hurt and yes finally even angered me.

When I showed it to my Master, and after him witnessing the other things in the past, he told me I didn't have to let it go, but when you stopped replying, so did I. It was only in defense. It was never meant to continue on.

I wish you well karen
I wish you pain eased days and nights,

phoenix said...

Oh Twink I think you misunderstood, I was speaking specifically about my comments on your pain which I know is very real. The rest of it still stands. I also know you won't admit publically to it so I'm letting that go too, it's pointless to try and a waste of my precious time and energy.

I wouldn't want to be friends with you even if it were possible, I just don't trust you.

Keep the post up I really don't care, doing that says more about you than it does me anyway.

In case you think otherwise, there is no anger here, I'm just being straight forward. So write what you like about me, I no longer care. As I said I'm moving on, letting both you and Master R go, I just can't hold onto the hatred any more.

His kajirah said...


Why have messaged me at all?

I wished you well, happiness, I was sincere.

And now this?

Ditto because I was told not to trust you a very long time ago. And I've found that to be right, I never should have. Silly me for wanting to.

For you then to say "keep the post up I really don't care, doing that says more about you than it does me anyway?"

If it shows anything negative about me (since it's only been once (not 20 some odd times or more with me as well as others) it shows I'm not going to be ridiculed and manipulated by you any longer.

See how you always bounce back to him?

You've already showed me you're not changing and aren't even trying.


I still wish you well

phoenix said...

On the contrary Twink, I HAVE changed. I at least admit having done something wrong. *shrugs* as I said write what you like, can't say I care.

His kajirah said...

No matter what...

You want me to do something wrong or keep believing I've done something wrong. Why would I admit to having done something wrong, when I'm not? If you're speaking me of keeping the post up-- that's not wrong, karen. It's wrong in your eyes because you got called on your actions.

You seek and require some kind of validation because you can't fit all the pieces to your puzzle together.

Well guess what? Neither can I.

phoenix said...

*sighs* no Twink it isn't about keeping the post up, honestly I really don't care.

Oh never mind, I give up. As I said before you're going to maintain this image of Twink who never does wrong, well knock yourself out, Twink.

This is my last posting here, do as you like, I'm moving on

His kajirah said...

Yes, I'm going to maintain the image of being a good person. I try not to do wrong, ever. I know you're out there trying to destroy me. But people know me better than that. You think my trust and devotion hasn't been tested over and over and over through out the years? Oh it has. Those different people from all walks of life know they still have my confidence, offline and on. Just as you do. Atleast 90% of the things you've said to me has never been revealed. You can't deny that.