Saturday, April 18, 2009

Bootie Charging

She fell asleep early last evening with her strap-on on. (You're minds went straight to the gutter I bet). She was about 2 hours into charging her internal battery when she fell off to sleep, she remembers she still had about 4 to go the last time she checked her hand held base unit.

She finally got comfortable on her back, which she hasn't slept on since her surgery. She did put a pillow beneath her. When charging one has to be still or the disk will slip and she has to re sync it. She can walk around while charging and if she could actually walk better charging would be easier, the time would go by faster and there wouldn't be pressure against her internal battery which is also one of the fresh incisions right now. So it's a little painful to have the disk pressing up against it. The disk has to be able to communicate with her butt or er internal battery.

When she woke she was fully charged and it didn't slip. She has to try to sleep on her back more so that the lead will take properly to the spine. Right now, when she sits up she has a habit of leaning forward. This habit came from being in severe pain so many times it became her comfort zone. To bend forward and rock. But this isn't good for the lead. When she leans forward the stimulation decreases which means if she continues to do this while the wires are taking to the spine, it will always be that way even after healing.

She has to do better to be on her back. She sleeps on her left side most always with a body pillow between her legs, actually so that the right leg is elevated. Sleeping on her right side, she can feel the box in her butt, okay it's a battery, it's a box to this one. She does still turn to her right from time to time though. Can't stay in one position long.

cali misses her Master

She woke when she did about 1:00a.m because her daughter brought her home a terriyaki bowl (not sure how to spell that).

She carefully stood up as not to biff it again, unstrapped, put it away back to the main base unit, went to the bathroom and came back to her room. Turned on the tv, nothing but infomercials.

Was thinking it might be nice to ask for a Magic Bullet (not that kind pervs, had one and broke it) the kitchen kind. Seems like it would really make cooking and prepping much easier. And the fruit and veggie smoothies. Yum.

So am awake for now, but still tired.

Our son starts Boxing this week coming up. It will be good for him. This one's uncles are famous boxers. The Romero Brothers from the 40's. They are in the boxing hall of fame. Jackie, Tomboy and Elwood. They were called the Fighting Romero's of Sacramento. All the brothers are deceased now. We were all very close when one was younger. Master met them all as well.

This ones grandma, sister of the brothers, has the golden gloves.

Dad boxed as well but never went that far. The brothers raised this ones Dad. So he was in the arena's all the time.

Our son is 12. It will give him good discipline. He asked to do boxing instead of karate. Of course there's no thoughts of glory, but kids have to have dreams. Won't take that from him, instead encourage him. For us it's the idea of a good disciplined sport of sorts. His trainer is a man who boxed for 30 years. Master will be meeting him on Tuesday.

Well Tales from the Dark Side is on now.. and better than an infomercial so will peek at that while checking emails.

Until next time..


Snowbrush said...

And to think that I can ONLY sleep on my back, and I have to have both elbows propped up to do that.

phoenix said...

*snickers at the words "strapon". Don't even want to know how you broke the Magic Bullet.

Getting yourself to lie on your back is no problem just get your Master to tie you to the bedposts....see, easy...

Louve said...

I've thought about that 'box' in your butt before. I would think it would be uncomfortable to sit on, too. I've heard you say you have lots of pillows. Maybe you could wedge them on your sides to keep you (hopefully) from slipping to your side in your sleep? Not sure. I like to sleep on my side, too. No matter how I fall asleep, I always wake up on my right side, too.

And I hope your son likes his boxing classes/training. I'm sure, with it being in your family and him being raised around it its already in his blood. When my daughter was 10 we enrolled her in karate classes. She did well, but after 2 years decided she had bigger and better things to move on to. But she did like it when she was going.

And whats wrong with infomercials!!?? *grins*

My weekend job is taking infomercial calls. So I'm always hoping (at least on the weekends) that tons of people are stuck watching a good infomercial that inspires them to buy. And btw, I have sold Magic Bullets before. If you do call in, tell them shipping is too high and there is a feature in the script on the Magic Bullet that enables the agent to reduce your shipping charges. (thats not always the case on all infomercial products, but it is on the magic bullet). Also, its warranteed for a year. So if you tore yours up on an o-ring or a cup...chances are (if you bought it less than a yr ago, and its still under warranty)they'll replace it for you.

Anyway, hope your weekend is going well, and your Master gets home soon. :)

His kajirah said...

Hi Snow

Opposite ways of sleeping we're doing. Hope you're healing well.

Thinking of you

His kajirah said...

Hi phoenix

If he tied this one to the bed, she'd scream right now.

Then he might try to tell her to sshhh and then might tell him to #%&#@$@@! not a good thing.

Best wishes

His kajirah said...

Hi Louve

Yeah the box it feels like sitting on a cell phone all day and night. Quite uncomfortable, but am pretty use to it. It's still sore from the surgery but healing well.

eeps at infomercials. Actually some of them are good to watch. But she wanted a movie or law and order or something better at that time. lol

One infomercial she watched that night that she really wants to ask for is Murad's Resurgence. Now that this one was interested in.

Good to know about the shipping fees too.

Glad you're daughter liked karate classes, seems they all move on eventually. Once our son see's it's work, he might not like it the same lol.

Master just got home about an hour ago...


(Think he's taking the kids to Chuckeee cheese.

Best wishes