Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Your Gorean is Better than...

Yet.. is it?

Lately she's found it quite embarrassing to even be around people, free or slave, who are so chest thumping they think their gorean is better than anothers. There's no set of rules and just when you think there is, as in years ago, you might find that what you thought you knew... means nothing. All these years spent to have Goreans respected and recognized as a lifestyle, alternative way of living or whatever you might want to call it.. seperate from BDSM, isn't getting better, but worse.

Societies and communities grow with people.

Observation and communication, watching and listening. Learning..

The book-- Try to live by it.. and you'll find at some point that you need to get the hell out of it. It doesn't work. Then later.. it's back to the book again.

It's fine that some don't recognize the institution of marriage as gorean. That doesn't keep us from the path. It's a silly argument especially when it can be shown in many that parts of their lives wouldn't be considered gorean either. Whoopdee dooo.

Our marriage contradicts the gorean ethology. It will not stop us from believing in what we do.

Blah blah blah

Putting people down doesn't show strength.. it shows weakness. It would be much more peaceful to just live your lives and find happiness in it. Live it your way. Just be who you are. But nooooooo, afterall drama makes your day. Tranquility makes ours.

Courage is being kicked down, back handed, knocked on your ass and still being able to get up, hold ones head high and shrug it off.

"Do not condemn the judgement of another because it differs from your own.. You may both be wrong". ~Dandemis

Until next time...


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His kajirah said...


You're link has been added to my blog under XXX and Other Interests.

Warm wishes,

Louve said...

While I'm not Gorean, I do have alot of Gorean friends. I also find Goreans 'good people', for the most part. (whatever that means lol). But I've also seen the things you've mentioned here, twinkle. This is the way I see it (and my way isn't always the way most see it, either)

There are alot of different lifestyles and philosophies. If you live a healthy lifestyle, the philosophies involved dictate the way you live your life. Some people who are into a healthy lifestyle (well, just about all, I would guess) are into eating a good diet and exercise. But that varies in degrees. Some put more emphasize and belief in diet, some in exercise, some in diet and exercise and supplementation. Others don't believe in supplementation at all. You have a bunch of like-minded people who've all embraced the lifestyle, yet have embraced different aspects of it. Is it accepted by all? Usually. Some will argue their way is better, some will just agree that everyone has their own way of doing things. The belief, the ethos, are there though.

The philosophies of politics can and do vary extremely. Democrats and republicans rarely get along. Yet some democrats are really out there left wing liberals...and some republicans are really way out their right wing conservatives. Some of both parties are less extreme somewhere along the spectrum. Is is accepted. Not only accepted, but expected! While they all understand politics and the importance of it, they all embrace different aspects of it.

Same with religion. Same with every philosophy that dictates a lifestyle. But Goreans are very indefinite, if you will. They are so intent on insisting they have their 'philosophy' figured out. That they refuse to debate and discuss and apply it as a group. Which is why, I feel, they are destined to go nowhere...but to forums to argue over "Who's Gorean is better than who's". They won't accept that there are many different aspects of the gorean philosophy that many different people may choose to embrace. They insist that everyone must embrace the ones that "they've" (meaning each and every one of them) embraced...or else...its just not Gorean.


His kajirah said...

Greetings Louve

I agree the philosophies and politics very. It does not hurt me to be considered a non gorean union with my Master. We will continue to be what we are and honor and integrity exists within my Master unlike many actual Goreans.

The only part that sometimes bothers me is to be thrown into a bdsm catagory when we don't practice it at all.

The hair tugging and ass spanking are just for.... er... his pleasures. lol

I think it will still take many years to completely figure out the Gorean philosophy.. because no one can keep to one set of rules or beliefs. As I mentioned, just when you think you got it, you find that you don't.

I am one of the most spiritual people out there, believing in God, having the Lord always in my heart, but I don't frequent church. Should this mean I'm a non believing? Not at all.

Same with Gor. You have to have heart.

I admit our marriage contradicts Gor.

And that's okay. People can put me down, accept me, whatever it is they choose...

But I'm like a bug that can't be flicked off. ~smiles

Well wishes always..