Monday, April 13, 2009

From AIT 25 Bravo to the 3rd Infantry Divison

She lay awake all night with a different kind of emotion rushing through heart. An emotion that causes her a sense of fear. Our second daughter is the one in the U.S Army. The one the Army rarely knows what they're going to do with her. From not graduating boot camp from a hip fracture that occurred during a midnight training exercise in the water where they were all carrying planks above their heads and one of her unit let go causing a domino effect where she fractured her hip.

4 days before graduation we found out she was graduating after all. The passed her run. Money was tight at the time, but this one had some back pay coming, husbands friend and long time co-worker put the tickets on his credit card for us. All of us. Master, slave, oldest daughter and son. The co worker did this without hesitation, his own free will. He was never asked for such a thing. What a wonderful man. We paid him back in full plus 50 in interest/extra and 20 lottery tickets a bit over a week later for doing something so generous for us.

We went to her graduation in South Carolina and afterward drove to mom and dads where one spent her 40th bday. The kids got to see their grand parents and extended family. None of us had in many years. Our army girl was happy to have her grand parents attend her graduation.

We drove our daughter to AIT in Fort Gordon GA and dropped her off at her new home before driving on to moms.

She came home for Christmas, where we met her then boyfriend. They are always decent before the parents. We were blind sided. We no longer have respect for him. Our daughter tried to file for an anulment but in the State of GA it isn't allowed if one has slept with their husband. A divorce is on it's way. Once he became her husband, he began physically abusing her, humiliating her, degrading her and more. Very sad. They were married spontaneously, out of the blue, court house, had a type of love, but wasn't in love.

This one knew something wasn't right not long after they left to return to GA from Christmas vacation. Our daughter paid for the flight tickets (they weren't married yet) she purchased many things for him that were NOT gifts, but a promise to pay. He drained her.
Our girl had a decent savings. Now it's gone. %$^&$#@@@!!!!

Army girl was suppose to be home this Wednesday, we were told we may not see her for years now. This ones belly tied in knots. She was supposed to be deployed to Germany and then Iraq and because of all the changing information from day to day, we just didn't know anymore. Not long ago we learned she was going to be Medically Discharged. An honorable discharge because of her hip. Not anymore, she graduated, afterall.

Until she graduated from AIT a few days ago. She graduated as the only female into the 3rd Infantry Division at Fort Stewart. Now she'll be transfered to Fort Stewart, Georgia where she'll begin a new kind of training.



~sighs This one is not permitted to tell where her deployment will be after training.

This scares this one. Her dad didn't even like it. One saw the look on his face after he got off the phone with his daughter. She was suppose to stay in what she just finished being trained in. Computer Networking, Intel. Her hip has never been fixed. While she graduated from AIT, she still has to pass a 2 mile run.

Not being trained in battle. Now she will be. We raised a strong girl. She tough and proud.

Have been thinking about this for days now. As my pain increases, during flares, one thinks of this even more.

Everyone say's get everything in writing. And our Soldier Girl did. Apparently it wasn't enough.

It does not matter son or daughter, a mother is afraid to lose her baby ducks. A father keeps most of his emotions inside.

Please continue to pray for our Soldiers, Our Soldier Girl Erykah, too.

Mom has alot on her mind...

Until next time...

(The people in the photos are in the first- brother, Army Girl, older sister. In the second, Army Girl and Dad.)


Louve said...

twinkle, you have a beautiful family. I'm really so happy you got a chance to get together with all your family. And I'm sorry to hear about your daughter's hip. I'm sure she's healing good, if they let her move on. I can imagine the anxiety you'd have over her being put into infantry. Despite how strong we know they are, they will always be our babies, so I truly can place myself in your situation and just imagine how I'd be feeling about it.

I'm keeping you, and your family in my thoughts and prayers.

(and btw, I really love the way you spell Erykah's name, too!)


Anonymous said...

Greetings caliente,

My prayers are with you honey and your family. It is never easy when we see one of our own hurting, and if you ever need someone to vent to, I am here honey.

Always well wishes,


His kajirah said...

Hi Louve

That's just it, one knows her daughter is doing something really great. Having the guts to join in the first place knowing wars existed and it didn't even make a difference to her. She was strong, ready and willing for the get go.

If she continues to have trouble with that hip, am sure they can fix it. she's young enough to bounce back quicker and recover if a surgery or anything ever needs to be done. They've had her on pain killers and anti inflammatory like Ibuprofen.

But they're always our babies. You said it all right there.

Ohhh thank you about daughters name, both girls have unique spelling to their names. Kharisma and Erykah. smiles

With a mom named twinkle....had to. grins. Am glad they like their names too.

Glad you do also


His kajirah said...

Greetings Laurie

So true, we often hurt with and for our children. Thank you so much for the prayers and the offer of a shoulder to vent to if ever needed.

Hope you are doing well. Hoping too you had a nice Easter if you celebrate it.

Always be as well as you can be,

Louve said...

Yes, I am quite sure the Army isn't going to send her out to battle broken from the starting line. I wouldn't so much worry over that, as I would over her just *being* there...instead of sitting behind a desk, learning Microsoft Intel. Those are the worries of a mother though. You're right. But you're right in knowing that she knew what she was getting into when she signed up. And she knows whats been going on as far as warring for the last few years. (Kids!!!! lol)

And twinkle, I love the names you've named your girls. Erykah is beautiful, but Kharisma is beautiful, well as unique. Beautiful names for a beautiful family. Now...we need to (nick)name your Master after a constellation or maybe just Ra (since you are a twinkling star revolving around him lol).

Hmmm...think that'd be too much like the Cleaver family? *grins*

Regardless...your girls are gorgeous and I'm sure your boy is growing into the Man his Father is (or trying to follow his footsteps). There is consolation in that.

You're staying in my thoughts and prayers.

His kajirah said...

Greetings Louve

Thank you so much for the support and friendship.

A nickname for the man, hmm, his name is Erik.. (named Erykah after him)

Don't think he'd prefer Er.. lol

Thank you again
Best wishes always