Sunday, April 12, 2009

It was a Happy Easter morning

Yesterday morning this one biffed it out of bed, like she was shoved and her feet pulled out from beneath her. When she went to take a step, her stimulator went into over drive and she fell forward hard. Both elbows and both knees are still swollen, last night was painful. A pain none of her meds helped. Had easter to get ready, eggs to dye, baskets to prepare, plastic eggs to fill with candy, quarters and bills. We always do that, so the kids get a little money.

Well this ones day was pretty much ruined, couldn't walk, couldn't get rid of the pain, adjusted her stimulator to try to get rid of it, but since it was a different kind of pain it didn't work.

Fell off to a nap fairly early, when she woke she was pleased that her oldest daughter took over for her, got the eggs dyed with her brother and son, her Dad helped put the plastic eggs together. Everything was done. A great relief wasn't taken off her.

Woke this morning still hurting, but got up anyway, after all it's Easter. Had coffee, our son was already awake as was Master. Had a cup of coffee and then she went to wake our grandson and tell him to hurry the Easter Bunny came.

Always loved the light in their eyes, the surprise, the innocence.

About an hour later we hid the plastic eggs for an easter egg hunt. It was great!

What a happy easter

Until next time


Snowbrush said...

Aren't you doing too much? Did I imagine it, or are you supposed to be confined to bed for two months?

phoenix said...

Hi twink

Snow has a point, you're doing too much. phoenix knows you like to do the Easter stuff but surely taking care of yourself is more important right now.

Sorry to be so tough but really you need to think of you right now and take it easy.

phoenix can't resist asking though, did you and Master Erik play hide the Easter egg together afterwards *cheeky grin*

she wishes you well,


His kajirah said...

Gulps. Busted!

No you're not imagining it. Have about 5 weeks or so to go. Am trying not to do much, am mostly in the bed.

Really don't do anything 'cept go to the living room to visit the family for a little while from time to time.

When I fell face forward, I was needing to use the bathroom. My legs are already weak, and when I went to step forward, my internal lead/wire became extremely high. And down I went. This happens until the lead sticks to the spine. I was half asleep, it was early morning, or I would have been more careful.

Am glad the daughter took over for me, I know I would have had help anyhow, or maybe I would have just been helping daughter and directing her to my liking. lol. Daughter and husband did everything exactly to how I would have done it.

On the other hand husband would have probably told me not to have anything to do with it and they would take care of it. But because I hurt myself and fell off to sleep, I don't know. Only know that when I awoke it was done.

Daughter (she's 21) takes care of household chores, cooking, laundry etc. Son is to take care of garbage and help his sister as necessary. He's already required to have his own clothes ready to be washed and often does his own. (he's 12)

None of us even realized until 3 days ago that Easter was coming.

The husband master man gave me 4 feather pillows and a pair of EZ combs for Easter gifts. I love feather pillows. And the EZ combs are the ones advertised on TV. Not sure how to explain them. But they're for a females hair.

I'll try to be good and stay in bed, but it's really hard.

Hope you are healing better, Snow.

His kajirah said...

Hi phoenix

He wouldn't let this one hide easter eggs at all, but she did step out front to watch.

Poor man still can't have any nookie. lol

twinkle will easter his egg later. lol

She knows Snow is right, everyone is right, it's just hard.

Wishing you well, too.

phoenix said...

Hi twink,

Yes it's hard but you've got to keep your eye on the longterm gain.

*sighs* Look phoenix didn't mean to be so harsh but you really scared her, you could have been seriously hurt, never mind screwing up the lead. You'd better call your doc and/or the Medtronic people and get them to check you out and make sure everything is alright. Meantime the walker would be a good idea.

Poor Master E getting no nookie lol. He's a strong man.

she wishes you well,


Louve said...

*ouch* on the fall. I know you've heard it from Snow and phoenix, but bedrest is bedrest (*taps her foot and shakes her finger kinda like she does at her daughter, but her daughter doesn't listen) ;)

Sounds like despite it all, you had a good Easter and for that I'm happy!! :)

His kajirah said...

Greetings phoenix

She has a doc appointment tomorrow morning at 11:00a.m

Am still hurting from that fall. The knees mostly, have a tendency to protect or as the docs call "guarding". Normally, but not always, when people start to fall face forward they might instinctively roll to avoid much damage, but his one guards to her instinct was to use her elbows and knees so her belly barely touched the ground and her back remained more stable. Same with when she tried to walk she won't let anyone near her foot or the painful parts of her body.

Have been taking Aleve or Motrin, which has actually been helping a bit more than than the Morphine and Norco's.

Am sure they'll cut me off the Norco's soon, but did refill it for once more for Post Op pain.

Will be discussing the brace again tomorrow. Doubt she'll have an authorization to begin the steps for the Compass program entrance but will ask about that too.

You're right on the walker, too.

Thank you
Well wishes

His kajirah said...

Greetings Louve

Am getting the tap tap and finger shake vibe from here. ~grins

Bedrest Bedrest. (I probably listen better than children lol)

Did have a good easter, thank you. Hope you did also.

She didn't do a home cooked dinner or anything, but did have the a nice morning with them. Holidays are special to this one. While she personally could do without, and her Master as well, not until the our son and grandson are older will we cease to do so. And even then we'd still do something small for them. Instead of several baskets, 1 family basket or something. Dunno yet. Really now most of it is for our grandson since he's only 3.

Our daughter almost cried when we teased her and said 21 is too old to easter egg hunt. laughs. Seriously. When we told her we were teasing, she said we killed her mood. lol

Just wish Erykah was home, too.

Thank you again
Best wishes

phoenix said...

Greetings twink,

The arms also tend to guard when someone falls forwards, think of how many times you've automatically put your arms out to stop a fall.

phoenix is sorry to hear you're still hurting from the fall. she hopes you feel better soon. *gentle hugs*

Good luck at the docs tomorrow in case we don't speak before then. Hopefully taking the steps towards the program will be approved, phoenix will keep her fingers crossed.

Please take care of yourself and use the walker to steady yourself.

*waves to Louve and Snow*

she wishes all well,


His kajirah said...

Greetings phoenix

Yes that's true, the arms automatically move forward by instinctive guarding to brace or stop a fall. It's one of those things that are quite often immediate. The arms are outward before the mind even realizes it.

It almost feels like arthritis pain in her knees some of the time. It's different from her RSD pain other than the burn. More of a deep muscle cramp feeling, too.

If it doesn't go away within a weeks which would make it nearly 2 weeks since girl go boom, one will presume she instigated her RSD and more than likely caused it worsen in her knees.

Both legs, back and right arm have the RSD so any small injury could worsen it. Ugh...

There is nothing the doctors can do really. This is something this one needs to learn to cope with better and try to live a better life with.

The program is really important to me. Told the doc today that she's not only doing it for herself but for people in her pain group also. That's she's going to dedicate a page to it on her website (always behind updating) and blog. The doc was really impressed and told her she's an inspiration and asset to others.

This reminded her of slavery, too.
She's heard those same words before and each time she does, she feels really good about it.

It's why it can't all be in vain.

Best wishes

phoenix said...

Greetings twink,

You should mention this when you go see your doc today, get him to check it out. phoenix will keep her fingers crossed that it isn't your RDS and that you just need time to heal. It's a good sign that the pain is different, maybe it ISN'T your RDS?

What about your back and leg? Does it feel like you might have dislodged the leads?

Anyway phoenix will keep her fingers crossed that all goes well at the docs today.

And btw twink you are an inspiration to phoenix too. When she feels discouraged she thinks of you and feels better. Thank you twink.

well wishes,