Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Sexxxxx- Nice 'N Easy--- Mostly

She went to the doctor today, 2nd Post Op appointment, she's coming along well. We discussed the brace, but if the referral for Compass comes through she'll be doing Yoga twice a day and it's suppose to work better.

When we returned home, she had forgotten to ask the doc about something. The man wanted her yesterday, and gave her nipple tugs today, well she knew...

So on his behalf she called to ask (she fumbled her words on the phone) Hi this is Twinkle, er uh, forgot to ask the doc an important question you see, um.. so I know I have to be careful with my lead and I know it's still soon after surgery, but can I, I mean can my man have?

Gosh, finally spit it out. Can we have sex?

The assistant on the line knowing this one's entire history as she's worked there the entire time one has been going there, 5 years now said "just a moment Twinkle, let me ask"

When the assistant came back to the phone, she said" The doctor isn't in now but me and B discussed it and as long as you are gentle, he is gentle with you, we see no reason why you can't".


but Twinkle, gentle.

~wrinkled her nose

So this one says, does this mean no butt spanking and no hair pulling? The girl laughed.

Gentle Twinkle.

Okay... will do so.

So after the called ended she called out for her Master "she screamed out... oh baby.. called the doc on your behalf, all for you my Master... He said "what?"

This one enticed him into the bedroom with a change in voice, still partially yelling as the living room is way down the hall from this bedroom.

He came in. She told him, he could use her, but....(seductive voice) ever so gently.

He nodded and departed the room.

She thought to herself ...hm

And turned her browser back to the Forum she was reading.

A few moments later, he comes in, locks the door, pulls away her laptop stand, commands her to the edge of the bed (already didn't have on any panties or sports bra, had changed like she always does when returning home from somewhere) She's wearing a spaghetti strap somewhat tight summer dress that's thigh high.

She did as instructed and moved to the edge, he widened her legs and let her feed off him a few moments, she ravished it, he took it away. ~frown. He teased her and put it back to her lips, she nipped it teasingly back, and took it back in. He took it away again, with one hand he spread her better leg, pulled her hips forward even more pulled her dress up under her neck...


Oh yeah

Here he comes... (well not yet really)

She squeezed her coochie muscles really tight (always does that) as he entered, released as he pounded her (gently) easy but deep even slams, she squeezed again, but harder.. she got goose bumps listening to his moans of pleasure, when he was deep inside her, she squeezed so that when he pulled part way out for the next thrust he could feel the tightness...

Mmm yum yum wowies and.. Oh my God, what a rush! ~purrrsss

Afterward she dipped her fingers into her cooch and licked his gift clean from her fingers while looking into his eyes, then she lowered them with a soft smile on her face.

It was somewhat of a quickie, we did have to be careful, you know..

Then he tossed her a towel and out the door he went.

It was all good.

Until next time...


phoenix said...

Morning twink,

Oh wow...wow...oh boy...damn twink now you've got phoenix going *squirms*

Seriously, phoenix is glad that all went well at the docs, she was worried after you fell. phoenix is also glad to here that your Master can once again use you....gently.

It sounds like things are coming together nicely, phoenix is happy for you.

well wishes,


Louve said...


And the world seems to (ever so gently) be returning to normal, again.

Hope you enjoyed bathing in the glow of the aftermath.

His kajirah said...

Hi phoenix

While the doc was aware of her falling, they really only noted it. Didn't do much other.

This right leg is giving her so much trouble, am trying to keep positive that the surgery was still worth it. But as of yet her stim isn't easing the pain in that leg even though it goes down farther. What is odd is that now the stim hurts her knee and she's had to shut it off for moments at a time, which before she never did.

And yep her Master was a happy man yesterday. grins

Well wishes to you

phoenix said...

Greetings twink,

Well if the doc only noted it, that's a good thing, it means they aren't concerned that you might have damaged the new lead. Weird that the stim bothers your knee now, wonder what that's about.

Yes and it sounds like you're a happy, happy slave *grins*

well wishes and gentle hugs,


His kajirah said...

Hi Louve

This one didn't get her freaky on as much as he did, the purpose was to submit to his needs, if able. He had gone so long as was. But it makes this one happy when he's happy.

Am thinking he's held over for a bit now. He has good self control and can wait patiently during times like this. There's been many.

Sometimes getting a little makes all the difference. Maybe she won't get anymore nipple tugs for awhile. Really hates the nipple twisties. lol

Best wishes always

Anonymous said...

Greetings sweet one,

Ahhh, the glorious 'pleasing Master'! The 'being used' again! It is wonderful to see that you were allowed to serve your Man.

Darn girlie, now you made me hot reading that! *grins*

Always well wishes,


His kajirah said...

Greetings Laurie

Yes it was very wonderful, it made this one so pleased to be able to do so.

Whoohooo, made ya hot! Now you'll have to beg some from Master Bastard. grins

Best wishes,

Snowbrush said...

I'm so glad your appt went well, and you phone question was answered to your satisfaction.

His kajirah said...

Hi Snow


Thank you.

How are you feeling?