Thursday, April 16, 2009

(ECV)Clamper's Down to the Watering Hole

This ones Master leaves in the morning to go Clampin'. He goes atleast twice a year. The watering hole is a type of imagery of sorts to mean they're going to all go gather and drink and eat. Initiate new ones in and just have a blast really.

The project the man has been working on, the little business of sorts will be sold from Friday to Sunday. Sand blasted mugs for the men and talls for the widders. Widders (like herself) are what the woman of the men are called. The mens only fraternity goes back many years. To learn more you can read up here.

When the men were killed in the gold mining days the other men would take care of the women and children left behind.

"Especially the Widders"

You can also learn more at the ECV Gazette,

This one is not sure what she will do with her time. Often thinks to cam or something similar while he's away, (she has his permission) but never does. Just lack the energy even for some fun.

Will probably spend it watching tv, movies, just relaxing. Always worry about him when he's away. He doesn't have a good heart. He has two stents in there from a heart attack at 38.

They spend the weekend getting shit faced. Raise funds for historical restoration. Not long ago they restored a very old cemetary. The kind that give one an almost eerie feeling looking at. The old head stones, large, extremely tall, not like today when ones head stone is just a stone place into the ground.

It's not easy to become a Clamper and this widder is forbidden to discuss initiation details. Lets just say it's not for the weak at heart. ~smiles

You can probably find some secrets online, but this one won't be telling any.

Like the Gorean Philosophy you'll find tons of mis information. Only the true at heart know and understand the real deal. What a comparision she just came up with. But true in many ways.

They all have a name that was given to them by their origional sponser when they became a red shirt. A red shirt implies you got through and belong to the brotherhood. That's no secret and more than likely why in any picture that anyone might see of this ones Master unless is on a more formal basis.. the man is in a red shirt. lol

They take care of their own. You'll often hear a Clamper to another Clamper say, "What say the brother?" and the answer follows.. one of those answers is "Satisfactory".

Well this one can't give all the fun away. Most Clampers are marked with their symbol. This ones Master's is marked on his forearm with a tattoo that says.. ECV 3 surrounded in flames. The Chapter out of Auburn CA.

ECV Lord Sholto Douglas Chapter 3

California's Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger became a member a few years ago. Many U.S. Presidents have been members, many of office.
Would really love to tell a secret on this, but sighs, can't. Sometimes really hate knowing thngs. A certain amount one has to know since she is the founder of Widders Web.

Bet'cha didn't know that?

There's tons of history within this order. Chapter 3 is known for being the toughest. Very few males have the guts to try to get into this one. It takes a man.

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phoenix said...

Morning twink,

That's really interesting. phoenix knew already that Master Erik is a member but not the extent that the Clampers exist.

she wishes you well,


Louve said...

Yes, it is interesting. Reminds me, a bit, from the way you describe the brotherhood of the Clampers...and some of the the Masons. My husbands been a member of the Masonics for almost 20 years, now. The only exception to the Clampers vs Masonics are...there are no Widders lol.

Hope he enjoys his hiatus!! *g*

Snowbrush said...

People--men esp, I suppose--have always formed fraternities. I'm in two.

His kajirah said...

Hi phoenix

Yep they're really popular and are all about history. A historical society.


Hi Louve

If am remembering correctly the Masons aren't too fond of the Clampers. lol Masons take themselves seriously, Clampers don't. They have tons of absurd sayings. And drink and goof off when they gather.

Hi Snow

Are you're 2 a secret?

Wishing each of you most well

Snowbrush said...

"Are you're 2 a secret?"

Huh? Both the Masons and the IOOF are secret societies.

Louve said...

I didn't know that about the Mason's not being fond of the Clamper's! I do know they aren't fond of the Elks though. But yes, they are serious about themselves and what they do. They are full of secrets (none of which my husband will divulge to me lol). I do know they have a 'secret' way to shake someones hand, and if that person's a Mason too, they will know, thru the handshake, they're brothers. If they aren't a Mason they would never be the wiser, which I think is pretty cool (in a Little Rascal's kind of way lol).

My husband is a 14th degree Mason (I think there are 33?...30 something...degrees). But you have to study and go through tests in order to get there. I imagine if I knew more about them, I'd find them kinda interesting.

I guess its the secrecy of these kinds of societies that intrigue me anyway.

His kajirah said...

Hi Snow

"People--men esp, I suppose--have always formed fraternities. I'm in two."

That's why I asked if your two were secret. I didn't know which ones.

Hm, maybe I'm confused ,or I confused you.

My apologies.

His kajirah said...

Hi Louve

Maybe I'm confused on the Masons not being fond of the Clampers. Am pretty sure I heard that though at least in rumor. I know that the Masons take themselves very seriously, as you stated as well, while the Clampers while they are most serious in historical restoration and more, they aren't so serious when they gather at the Doin's (that's what they call their gatherings, like they're at now) a few times a year. They have fun, get silly etc.

Maybe that's there secret cover lol

Like you am also intrigued by the secrecy of secret societies.

Inquiring minds wanna know. ~grins

but alas 'tis a secret. ~laughs

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His kajirah said...

Have added you to my list and joined your friends list.

Warm wishes,