Thursday, April 09, 2009

Compass Functional Restorational Center

I went to the doctor yesterday for my post op appointment. I was also re programmed by Medtronic, my new lead is working down farther in my foot as it was meant to do, but still not as far down as my toes which was the target. I seen Medtronic first and then my Pain Manager. I'm healing well and few more weeks and I should be completely healed from the surgery. It can take up to 6 months for my lead to take to the spine, it has to grab onto it and stick into place. This is why it's so important not to do anything too physical, or move abruptly.

My pain Manager is putting in a referral for me to begin the Compass Functional Restorational program.

My doctor heads and leads this program and it's located next door to my pain clinic (The man in the photo is my pain manager himself)

The program is 7 hours a day, 5 days a week for 6 weeks. It scared me. Seriously.
So scared I came home, rested, and then ate 5 peanut butter cookies. Diet goes bye bye.

My vocational rehabilitation eventually became home schooling. I was going to the actual school quite a bit away from home. I couldn't handle 4 days a week for 4 hours. Then I went down to 2 days a week for 6 hours or as long as I could tolerate. A few times I was able to put in an 8 hour day, when pain was lower and I became consumed in my studies. I only graduated from the pre requisite course. I have a Microsoft Office Certificate, but never graduated from the full curriculum which was Corporate Publishing.

In order go through the Compass program I have to pass a phycological evaluation, just like when I was first considered as a candidate for my Spinal Cord Stimulator. You have to be referred, considered and pass.

Of course I want to do this program, I told my Pain Manager I did. It's not being forced upon me. But God I'm scared to fail. I would be happy to not be on the internet all day, I am more than eager to learn new techniques to control pain, I'm looking forward to understanding flare-ups more than I do now and how to get through them.

I can't wait to pass what I learn onto my website and my pain groups, or anyone in chronic pain. This isn't only for people with RSD/CRPS. It's for people who live with Chronic Pain in general.

I don't want to let my Doctor down and they know I have volunteered to do clinical trials and more. To learn from me. I want my body to be studied and used while I'm alive rather than when I'm dead.

I want to go back to work I really do, but it will be a miracle in itself if I manage to get through so many hours, a full week, for 6 weeks. We have to set 3 goals for ourselves. I've been thinking about that since last night. Most people's goal is to return to work or volunteer. If I was able to volunteer outside the home, I would choose work. If I could handle being out and about, I would rather bring in some income for my family.

Unless it was to volunteer at the program, similar program or help others with RSD. Then that would be my pay, I would feel richer than any doing that.

Maybe my calling lies in this somewhere...

I know in my heart this illness was placed upon me for a reason...

A reason I just don't understand completely yet...


"One can never consent to creep when one feels an impulse to soar". Hellen Keller

And no more peanut butter cookies

Until next time...


Snowbrush said...

I am so seriously hoping that things go well for you.

Five cookies? Well, it could have been ten. Eating five cookies when under extreme stress....Don't beat yourself up about it too much. Okay?

His kajirah said...

"Don't beat yourself up about it too much. Okay?"

Yes Snow

They were those big moist cookies though. lol

His kajirah said...

Hi again Snow

I think I posted my AB 651 article somewhere in my blog here. It was an update so it may be listed under the new bill.

Best wishes

phoenix said...

Morning twink,

Eating 5 cookies is understandable given the stress you felt. The trick is to get back on the diet and maybe allow a specific time/day for such things.

phoenix hopes the course will be helpful to you. Occupying your time will no doubt be a good thing but she hopes you don't overdo things and have a setback. she would appreciate your passing on any methods of pain control you learn as they may be helpful to phoenix.

she wishes you well,


Louve said...

I hope you savored every delectable morsel of those peanut butter cookies, twinkle. I'm with Snow, don't beat yourself up over that.

The Compass site was interesting. I learned from it...and learned from researching RSD, too. Helps me to understand (somewhat) a bit more what you've been going through and your fears. I can only imagine this is a challenge your pain manager wants you to face, but I don't think its a challenge meant to let him down, or much as maybe something for you to attempt and conquer and reap the rewards of the win, if you can do it...or to find another way or try another thing.

As with anything though, never look at the whole picture. Try not to think of it as all week long, all day long, week after week. Take it hour by hour, day by day, knowing you can only take what you can take and see how it goes from there.

I, too, will be interested in learning more from you, twinkle. And I admire your tenacity (oh...and your taste...I would have picked peanut butter cookies too!) ;)

His kajirah said...

Hi phoenix

This one was right back to broccoli and mushrooms for dinner last evening.

The program itself is amazing and one of a kind, ones doctor created it.

Would be happy to pass anything along.

Best wishes,

His kajirah said...

Hi Louve

She did savor them tasties, even in partial sleep she remembers the delicious taste in her cheeks. ~grins

You're right too about thinking on it day in and day out. Just take it one day at a time. When this one ready the entire Compass site even down to the bottom where it gives an example of how time is spent through the 7 hour day, it relieved her some. It's like a school of learning for those with chronic pain

She's looking forward to it more and more. When she thinks about it, her heart does do a little pitter patter type thing, a little anxiety, but thinking that's because she hasn't done anything is so long.

Like going back to school for the first time and in a way it is.

Will be happy to pass along techniques learned to you.

As the Compass site indicated instead of wasting ones life waiting around for a cure that may never come, live ones life through managed pain. That really made a lot of sense and while she's thought of that before, reading it as a program made even better sense.

Maybe I'll do a blog dedicated only to the program each Friday, maybe Saturday's.

And of course am pretty sure this one will be babbling about her days during the week as well, or as much as she can keep up with.

Hoping she can start sleeping better so that she can get out of her days all that's meant to be.

Best wishes always

P.S Thank you for learning about RSD it really means a lot.

Louve said...

Yes...I read that about the Compass site (about not searching for a way to necessarily end your pain, but learning to cope with it). I also found interesting something else I read on there, about how the body perceives pain, and how pain...or your perception of the pain...becomes more tolerable(?) as your body comes to think of your pain as "normal". It was interesting reading, indeed. And I was even able to relate to that theory (of your body accepting the pain as 'normal') as I put it to examples of my own experiences.

So babble away!! I'm ready to learn with you, but more than that, I wish you all the Best!! with this program, and (of course) everything else. :)

Dante d'Amore said...

Heck, cookies can sometimes be a mini life saver. Do what you have to do. Just get better!

phoenix said...

Hi twink,

phoenix wishes there were such a program here. Maybe the one you'll be taking part in will catch on and there will be one here soon?

Good for you getting back on the diet but remember that treating yourself once in a while is a good thing.

she looks forward to any pain control tips you can pass along.

she wishes you well,


His kajirah said...

Evening Master Dante


Thank you.

Hope you and Tiggs have been well.

Best wishes to you both


Greetings phoenix

This program is one of it's kind. Am not sure if he'll open others. But they are taking in patients from all over the world. He does accept insurance.

She should have treated herself to Diet Mint N Chip ice cream, Mmm.

But didn't have any. lol

Well wishes