Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Marine World

On Friday, we're going to Six Flags Marine World. Not far from here. It's in Vallejo CA. Maybe an hour or so from home. Use to be closer when we lived in West Sac, jump on the 80 and go. We're about an hour and a half of San Francisco CA. It's usually where we fly in or out of if taking a plane. While Sac airport is definately closer, tickets are cheaper in S.F.

We're only going for the day. We were going to get a room there as well. But since they're only open from 11:00a.m to 6:00p.m. we decided not to.

It's hard to believe this one is only 3 weeks post op. Seems much longer. Am doing well for the most part. Will starting weaning off the Norco's with my last 20ct refill tomorrow. Taking taking Morphine and Norco together helps the pain, but taking 1,200 mgs of Neurontin helps the burn better. As I told my friend earlier, it's really an anti seizure medication, but is commonly used for nerve damage. The set back is that memory loss occurs and one gets a scattered sense of being. Especially at that dosage.

But at least it's not a narcotic.

Won't be able to go on any rides at Marine World, but they have shows too. Will coast on her wheels while the family rides. Am just glad to be there for a little family trip. Wish bubbles was here though. Miss her alot. So will just be this one, Master, oldest daughter and son. Leaving grandson with his dad. He got chuckee cheese a couple of days ago.

The man did okay selling the vessels at the Doin's. Left the rest to consignment.
He got orders for other chapters as well. So that is a good thing.

It's been really hot here the last few days. Already in the 90's. Today is going to be 96 degrees. Ouch! This ones skin can't take that. Take atleast 4-5 showers a day every summer.

After we get back from Marine World, they'll get the back yard ready, take the cyclone dog kennel down that came with the house when we bought it and use it to make a wall at the end of the walk way that leads to the back yard. We have a yard up front also. Actually two. Out front by the drive way and outside our front door. Our front doors are enclosed, not viewable by the street. Guess it could be called a bbq area or similar. The gate being placed will keep the freedum dum lol Um our dog freedom from getting into the back as well as keep the baby safe since we'll be getting a pool. Just a small one. Enough to get wet in.

The weather is so crazy it's going from the 90's this week to 67 on Friday when we go to Six Flags. What a difference. And it may even be cooler there.

This ones diet has gone all to hell. Well not really, the dieting is fine, still doing well, it's just not going well for her. Not burning any calories so not losing. But haven't gained and that was the goal all along. Being confined doesn't help.

Until next time


Louve said...

Sounds like you're in for some fun on Friday!! *grins* And the weather sounds like its going to cooperate for you, too. 67 is a whole lot easier to tolerate than 90 degree weather. Being from Fla, I like a balmy, sultry 80 something degree day, low 90's maybe. Much more is pushing it, though. Definately sounds fun, though, rides, shows, even people watching.

I'm sure the weaning process on the drugs are going to be a well, bitch for you. (I was going to say uncomfortable, but I know it can be worse than that...depending). But, I do wish you good luck with that.

In the meantime...there's Friday to look forward to! lol

Hope your day is going wonderfully. :)

His kajirah said...


Looking forward to going, but am a bit worried in that when we went shopping today, was in the wheelchair for atleast an hour, so was sitting. My butt hurts so bad right now and it's adding stress to my spine. The entire time at Marine World will be using the wheels. Probably too early for this and I didn't quite realize it until now. Ugh

I have to push past the pain some how to be able to have a good time. I don't want to pretend it was fun for the sake of the family.

Just really want it to be a happy family day for all of us.

Sometimes things are just tough...

Will be weaning off the Norco, but will be on morphine probably the rest of my life. And I take so 3 other meds and use lidocaine patches, too.

Will be putting those on my butt and spinal area that was cut. Hoping it will numb those areas up enough to tolerate the day.

Have to always have hope..