Monday, April 06, 2009

An Outing to the Carnival

Sunday morning this one wasn't feeling very well. Emotions got the better of her. As the day went on and especially after she got her shower, she began to feel better about the things that put her in the emotional state.

When evening time came, her Master paused the wrestling match to go get her a bigger tv for the room she's staying in. Gotta love Craigslist. Why pay when a person can get decent for free. Nothing wrong with it but a nob and once he set it up to cable and programmed the remote control. A nearly flawless 27in.

On his way home he called to tell our daughter to get herself and our grandson ready to go to the carnival as it would only be open another 2 hours. They had been asking to go for a couple of days. It comes every 3 months and stays Friday, Saturday and Sunday. It's a fairly large one too. Atleast 20 rides for both adults and smaller kids. And a mini-fairway or midway of games. Our son went with him to get the tv, so he was ready and excited to go already.

When they got home, this one mentioned to them she was thinking about trying to go with them. They were all so happy.

This one put on a little makeup, her hair was already fresh from her shower, she changed out of her nightie and into some loose tan summer pants and a matching tan sleeveless.

It was still really nice out. She wore her black thin fuzzy flip flops. Haven't been able to wear shoes for 8 years. During heavy rain and when absolutely necessary she has a pair of shoes with built in orthodics, they make her swell while wearing them and up to a day or so after from the pressure where the foot was originally damaged. The torn tendens never healed correctly and it's also the site of the original nerve damage. So her flip flops do her best nearly all year long. They're not fuzzy enough for people to notice, but enough for her feet to notice and that's a good thing.

She went with her family. Of course couldn't go on any rides or anything but just being with them made her happy. She had to use her wheelchair which has become more frequent the last 6 months or so, but once she accepted it as a tool that enables her to go out and be with her Master and the family it has truly made a difference. Cannot walk well or for long.

She dislikes her cane and her cane dislikes her. We just don't get along. Am not coordinated enough for it to be this ones friend. It's not even a love hate relationship. The only thing it helps one with is trying to get up a hill. For her birthday in October, he bought her a walking stick.Stick is an understatement though. It's huge, very long or tall, Some call them a Moses staff. That helps her more than a cane ever did. She doesn't use it often, but when she does or needs to it's definately another tool of independence for her.

Had a few pictures taken tonight. Finally some current ones. Still waiting to see the others off the other cam. Will post a couple of the new ones to the side of my blog.

While she didn't go on any rides she did play a couple of games. The tossing of the little balls into the floatie cups didn't go well. she did get a little animal mask and gave it to our grandson. Then the throwing of the darts at the balloons.. always loved that one. The tossing of the little balls was safe for her to do, since she tossed them underhand and the balls are extremely light. She had to play that dart game. She was careful, didn't raise her hand above her head and pop, miss, pop. Master was playing too, pop, pop, pop. We won a medium sized mirror, decided to play again. This time we upgraded and got a large one and a small one. He chose Unicorns. It's really nice. She chose an I Love You.

It was fun. Everyone really had a blast. Oh the grandson did scream a fit when it was time to go though. After his Grandpa spoke to him, he settled down fairly quickly.

Loved the last minute outting to the carnival.

Until next time...


Snowbrush said...

I was delighted to hear about your happy outing, and about your new TV.

Walking sticks. Here's what you might want to consider: trekking poles. Log onto someplace like and you will find all these light-weight fully adjustable poles that are infinitely more practical that walking sticks. If you get two of them (the number that hikers use), you will have less problem than with the one pole you now have. Believe me, they work way better than a walking stick, esp big, heavy, decorative ones.

His kajirah said...

Afternoon Snow

Thank you, I was so happy to have had the energy and eagerness to go with them. It was even a surprise to them all because they thought it was too soon for me to go out. In a way it was, but I was safe and for being such a busy place, people were actually decent and didn't push into me, or try to knock me over. That would have been the most dangerous part in going out, being bumped and my lead revision and new lead get messed up already. It takes atleast 2 months for them to take to the spine. Embed so it doesn't migrate or reject. All was well though. ~smiles

Sometimes when we're out and I'm using my wheelchair, people can be inconsiderate and not even step aside, I sometimes feel more humiliated by things like that than anything. They make me feel embarrassed. Part of the reason why I didn't use it for so long.

I bookmarked the site you listed to look over later. Your description seems better than my walking stick already. Thank you.

Have had another night of insomnia, haven't been to sleep yet, just loopy as all heck. Lay down, sit back up, lie down, sit back up. Stuff pillows under my legs, stretch them out, and repeat it all over again. ~sheesh

How are you doing Snow? Are you healing well? How is the pain? Is the other side still sore because of the fall?

I hope you're being easy on yourself. I wonder about that and whether or not you are.

Snowbrush said...

Since you like quotations...this guy posts a lot of good ones.

Snowbrush said...

P.S. I've spent a little time in a wheelchair. One thing for sure, they have to make for you even if they don't like it.

Did you read my post about altars? I don't know anything about your religion, and was wondering if it was a post that you couldn't relate to.

You mentioned being from Georgia, or maybe having family in Georgia. What was that about? I'm from Mississippi, so am interested.

----- Jennifer ----- said...

su blog es muy bueno

His kajirah said...

Hi Snow

Thank you for the quotes link. I really do enjoy quotes. I think I ready your post about Alters. I'm not sure anymore my short term memory is so bad. I'm religious at heart and in spirit, but I don't go to church. The last time was Easter 4 years ago I think it may have been and it was for our son at the time.All of our children have experience with Sunday School and Church, but we've never forced them to go. No one in the home goes right now.

Yes I have family in Georgia. Waverly Hall. As well, our daughter is there stationed at Fort Gordon for AIT. We were worried for awhile that they were going to medically discharge her. But she gratuated and will be home next Wednesday for 10 days until she's deployed. I think she's going to Germany and then Iraq, but possibilities have changed so many times already.

I finally got some sleep again. Haven't been awake long, my legs are hurting pretty good. I get re programmed tomorrow, so am hopeful that will help.

I hope you are doing better, Snow.

His kajirah said...

Hola Jennifer

Muy gracias.